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Seahawks sign Kenneth Walker III, Coby Bryant

The Seahawks have all of their 2022 draft picks under contract. Word came early on Tuesday that second-round defensive end Boye Mafe had signed his four-year deal with the team

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Unraveling key role of astrocytic dopamine receptor D2 in autoimmune disease MS

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, research groups led by Prof. Zhou Jiawei from the Institute of Neuroscience, Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence

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Majority of U.S. House backs sweeping semiconductor bill

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed sweeping legislation to subsidize the domestic semiconductor industry as it competes with companies in China and other countries. As voting continued, the

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El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bet Is Working, Finance Minister Says

El Salvador’s finance minister defended the country’s strategy to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender even as critics urge the nation to ditch the experiment as the cryptocurrency world suffers through

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Girl, 17, who ‘never fitted in’ needs bionic arm to get her dream job with the police

A teenager has been offered a life-changing chance to get a bionic arm to replace her missing limb after she felt she “never fitted in” due to her condition. Gemma

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